A Few Thoughts to Ponder

October 17, 2012 | By

How we view money is often indicative of how we choose to manage the rest of our lives. Recent research addresses why in a culture of such material wealth, Amer-icans tend not to be happy with what they have. They came up with the following ideas:

Once we achieve a given economic level, instead of being satisfied, we become obsessed with gaining more, larger, better—and merely continue to strive for the next level (escalation of expectations).

We frequently evaluate our possessions not in terms of what we need to live in comfort, but in comparison to those who have the most.

Being rich and famous does not translate into social and emotional well-being. As an old saying goes, “You can be down and out, or up and out.”

The wealthy are revered in our culture today. Past cultures revered saints, wise persons, original thinkers, teachers, talented artists and craftsmen, brave patriots, upright citizens.

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